Saturday, July 30, 2016

Cliff Click on VM Design Choices

Whenever I see a presentation online by Cliff Click I just jump at it. There is just so much content in a single presentation, maybe it's because he speaks really fast, but maybe, just maybe, it's because this guy is really good.  :-O

If you ever wondered how to make your own JVM, how HotSpot works, how a SafePoint is implemented, some little known truths about Garbage Collection in the JVM (did you know there is a lock on the thread's stack that the GC/thread acquire?), even how to make a scalable lock, and more, much much more, then watch this video!
I'm pretty sure you'll learn something, at least some detail about the inner workings of a JVM.... huhhh unless of course, you are Cliff Click yourself, or you worked with him in this stuff, or you watched one of these presentations live, in which case, you already know everything that's being said. lol

The part about GCs was amazing, and so was the one about inlining.

One thing I really like is that he's one of the very few people who make a distinction between performance for throughput and performance for latency (Andreia and I we just call it throughput and latency).

I had to watch it twice and a third time will be needed to get all the details. And if you missed some details, try watching the rerun of the same presentation here:

Really cool stuff

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