Monday, July 18, 2016

Angelika Langer at GOTO 2014

If you want a soft intro to some of the concurrency features introduced in Java 8, here is a video by Angelika Langer at GOTO 2014

I don't know much about the Future's stuff, but the part about StampedLock and Contended is well explained, with intuitive examples as well.
In fact, she makes it look so easy to use StampedLock and particularly the optimistic API of tryOptimiscRead()/validate() that someone who is new to it may think it is easy... it's not.

IMO using optimistic concurrency is like juggling knifes, and I've ranted about it before and will rant about it again on my next post, but I am happy that people are talking about and explaining it in such detail... too bad they didn't give her enough time to explain all the issues that can occur with tryOptimiscRead()/validate(), but in these conferences time is always short so you never get to present everything you want.

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