Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Michael Wong - The Landscape of Parallelism

Here is a nice presentation by Michael Wong on "The Landscape of Parallelism", given at CPPMeeting 2015.

It has a nice overview of the new features in C++17 and beyond, including some stuff about transactional memory and the Concurrency TS.

If you're curious on what's comming up next on C++, then this talk is good preview.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Understanding Concurrency - a whiteboard session with Nuri Halprin

I just saw a short but nice overview on different types of concurrency by Nuri Halprin on Channel9:

In just 20 minutes he goes over mutexes, reader-writer locks, multiversion control (or something similar). Too bad he doesn't talk about Left-Right, but most people never heard of it, so it's fine.
Difficult concepts to explain in such a short time frame, so I recommend listening.