Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nitsan Wakart on Lock-Free Queues

About a year ago Nitsan Wakart gave a very nice presentation about lock-free queues
Here is the link to vimeo:

Nitsan works for Azul Systems and he has a blog named Psy-Lobotomy-Saw.

If you're into non-blocking queues then make sure not to miss out this video because it has lots of interesting facts.
Some of the topics he covers are:
  • The difficulty in running proper benchmarks for lock-free queues. IMO the hardest to obtain is determinism.
  • What is throughput on a queue? single-enqueue-single-dequeue or bursts?
  • Throughput vs Latency.
  • Benchmarking empty queues vs non-empty.
  • Warmup on benchmarks.
  • Memory Bounded (circular array or ring buffer) vs Memory Unbounded (singly-linked list).
  • When can we discard the volatile keyword in Java Queues (hint: very rarely), and even some of the masters have made this mistake.
  • False Sharing.

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