Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Slides from CPPCON 2014

I was supposed to give a talk about wait-free and lock-free data structures at CppCon this year, but unfortunately I had some health issues a few weeks before and on the week of the conference I was getting surgery, so there was no way to attend  :(
I'm getting better now, but I feel really sad for missing some of the talks, specially the ones from Herb Sutter. His slides are already online, and the video should be online in a month (hopefully):

Lock-Free Programming (or Juggling Razor Blades)

Some other interesting slides:
- This one about RCU mostly  C++ Memory Model meets High-Update-Rate Data Structures
- This one about a lock-free queue Lock-Free by Example
- One about Transactional memory in C++: What did C++ do for Transactional Memory
- Influence of cache misses and cache lines in performance: Data Oriented Design and C++
- The differences between Parallelism and Concurrency: Overview of Parallel Programming in C++

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