Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hans Boehm on the C++11 Memory Model

Here is a presentation from BoostCon 2011 by Hans Boehm on the C++11 Memory Model and Atomics:

Most of this has already been covered by Herb Sutter on his presentation on atomics, which you might find easier to follow, but listening to Hans provides some extra insights which you wouldn't get from anyone (or anywhere) else.

I particularly enjoyed the part about relaxed atomics, which I slightly disagree with him and believe that is one of the most important features of the Memory Model, but the future will show how much more performance gain can we get from them on CPUs with a relaxed memory model.

This is a long presentation and the video quality is poor, but I still think it's worth watching just for the questions of the audience (and Hans's answers to them).

You can see most of the slides from another one of his presentations:

There is another presentation by Hans Boehm which adds a bit more info, specially the part on infinite loops, but it is harder to follow because the screen is not shown:

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